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Today, we feature; Dubsmash: Be anyone you want to be
Dubsmash is a video messaging app that is supported by both Android and iOS systems.

How it works
Users of the app can record a video of themselves and dub their voice over an audio recording or a soundbite from your favourite movie, music or TV show.
For example, you can record yourself lip-synching to Drake’s kinky voice or DJ Khaled’s ‘Another One’ intro but will show your face instead of the American superstars.
You can pretend to be Morgan Freeman and use his deep voice to make a point. You could even become Johnson Mwakazi and do several commercials with your face instead of his!
In addition, users can upload their own audio sounds as well as add filters and text animation to their recordings. However, the clips have to be saved to the devices beforehand so that they can be selected while using the application. Once a user is done dubbing, they can share their videos to other social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , YouTube and Snapchat.
So what better way to do a cover of your favourite song?
You can download the application from the following links
ANDROID: Click here
iOS: Click here
It is available in English only and amounts to 35.6 Megabytes of data and storage.
The application is Free.

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