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Almost every human has an email address. The tech world has a variety of email service providers such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. Most of us have a gmail.com account for logging into Google Chrome and Youtube. We also need an outlook.com or a live.com email to log into MSN, update your Xbox or to update any Microsoft product such as Office. For the iPeople, you need an iCloud email for your iPhone or iPad.
So how do you manage all these emails? That is where Blue Mail comes in.
Blue Mail is an all – round email app that enables you to manage all your email accounts at one place. All you do is log all your different email addresses onto the Blue Mail app which will then synchronize with the email account providers. Therefore, you do not have to open different tabs just to check new emails from your yahoo.com, gmail.com, iCloud.com or outlook.com. All you need to do is refresh the app and it will simultaneously refresh all your different emails.
In addition, you can customize your email experience with a set of smart settings. For example, you can allocate a different colour for every email address making it easier to identify them. It also has the ability to lock private emails and comes with Android Wear support.
The app boasts a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Google Play.
It is available on Android, iTunes and Amazon. The app is free.
Click the links below to download:
iTunes:Click here
Google Play Store: Click here
Amazon: Click here
Visit their website at bluemail.me

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