Author: kiiru

Almost every human has an email address. The tech world has a variety of email service providers such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. Most of us have a account for logging into Google Chrome and Youtube. We also need an or a email to log into MSN, update your Xbox or to update any Microsoft product such as Office. For the iPeople, you need an iCloud email for your iPhone or iPad.  (more…)

Have you ever listened to a track on YouTube and could not get enough of it? Yeah, me too. However, it becomes too hectic to keep dragging the cursor to the beginning of the song or even reloading the page so that you can listen to the song over and over again. Well, it turns out there is actually a ‘REPEAT’ button on YouTube which only 1% of YouTube users know of. Thanks to Websoft Inc. (more…)

Today, we feature; Dubsmash: Be anyone you want to be
Dubsmash is a video messaging app that is supported by both Android and iOS systems.

Imagine a wall that is 1000 feet high, made of concrete and re – enforced with strong metal bars. There is an electric fence that hugs the wall tightly and goes all the way up. There are also hundreds of healthy German Shepherds which are highly trained and roam the wall at all times. In addition, there are dozens of snipers strategically located across the wall, (more…)